Fisker localizes production of the Pear electric car in India

Fisker has announced plans to start selling the Ocean electric SUV in India next summer, and may soon even localize production of the brand’s future electric cars in the country.

Founder and CEO Henrik Fisker told Reuters that sales of electric vehicles in India will grow by 2025-2026, so his company wants to be one of the first to gain a foothold in the local market. The automaker is currently looking for real estate to open a showroom in New Delhi and is holding meetings with local auto component suppliers.

The entrepreneur admitted that importing cars to India is very expensive, given the taxes in force, but even so, the company hopes for a decent level of sales of the Ocean SUV.

Fisker believes that to achieve large volumes of production in India, all market participants should assemble cars on site or at least partially assemble them. And if the Ocean in any case will be expensive, the future compact Fisker Pear may occupy a more attractive market niche for Indians. Pear will appear on the local market in 2026, however, if there is a good manufacturing partner, the debut may take place earlier.

For break-even operation of the plant in India will need a production volume of at least 30,000 – 40,000 cars per year, and, according to Fisker, the creation of an assembly site with an annual capacity of 50,000 cars in India will cost approximately $ 800 million.

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