Hyundai Accent of the new generation again appeared on spy photos

Hyundai continues road tests of the new generation of compact sedan Accent. Photo spies «caught» it in South Korea in dense camouflage, but there are some details.

The next Accent will receive unusual head optics: the headlights will be placed almost at the bottom edge of the bumper, it is also possible that the model will have separate sections of running lights. In addition, the Accent will have a rather massive grille, and the rear window and trunk will be made more sloping. Apparently, the sedan will be larger than the previous model, but the dimensions are still unknown.

A new central tunnel, gear selector and seats will be installed in the cabin. The spies did not manage to remove the front panel, but it will obviously be replaced with a new one. Most likely, the sedan will have a fully virtual dashboard and a larger screen of the multimedia system, the question is how it will be arranged – will they leave separate displays or combine them into a scoreboard.

There is still no information about the technology. It is assumed that the new Hyundai Accent will make its premiere at the end of this year or early next year.

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