Primer vistazo al Mercedes-AMG SL 2022: Grandes prestaciones, gran lujo

We caught a ride in the 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL-Class back in September, while a half-dozen prototypes underwent final shakedown testing at altitude. Now Affalterbach has shared more of the specifics about how the first AMG-developed Mercedes SL aims to become the sportiest SL-Class since the original while simultaneously improving on the comfort that has long been the hallmark of the popular Mercedes-Benz model.

Right off the bat, the thing to know is that this new SL is a 2+2, the first such layout for the model since the R129 left production in 1989. Mercedes says folks as tall as 4 feet, 11 inches can be accommodated in the rear seats, but legroom is extremely tight—as such, figure on this being more of additional space to carry luggage or shopping. As you’d expect of a modern Mercedes, there’s plenty of digital acreage inside, including a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster incorporated into an aviation-themed dashboard layout. The center stack serves up a nearly square, 11.9-inch touchscreen that will look familiar to anyone who’s seen the most recent S-Class interior. This screen can be adjusted to move vertically between 12 and 32 degrees, the idea being to reduce glare when the new SL’s soft top is down.

Below the main infotainment screen, the center console flows between front and rear occupants and incorporates a sort of NACA duct shape in the application of its materials. Mercedes says this will become a signature AMG design element moving forward. The entire interior was designed, according to Mercedes, with topography and layering in mind, with a goal of making things appear lighter and less voluminous. Sixty-four colors of ambient lighting are at your fingertips, while the MBUX digital assistant is aboard to respond to verbal commands. The usual delights such as massaging seats are of course present and accounted for.

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